Class - 6 WC 25/09/17

This week we continued with cracking long multiplications. We had a few stressful moments but eventually with a little help, we could follow each step in order to solve the problem. Next week we will put what we have learnt in to solving word problems.


In English we have been looking at how we can form different questions. We practiced writing questions for others to answer and we ensured that we were using the correct punctuation each time. Using the story of Flat Stanley and The Museum Thieves we formed lots of different questions.


As part of our Medieval Britain project we made our own shields for the Battle of Hastings. We used the designs that we created last week to recreate them ready for Battle.


In Food Technology we cooked one of my favourite pasta meals. A simple dish that uses just tomatoes, garlic, chilli and basil for the sauce. Owen quickly discovered that chilli and eyes are not a good combination but after lots of rinsing he was ok.


Owen Jackson made up his own shooting practice game for PE. As we are practicing our football skills he thought that high target practice would be fun. As you can see from the pictures we used hoops to score points.


The highlight of our week was the class visit to The Donkey Sanctuary. Although we were all excited to go we were a bit apprehensive at first. Once we were happy to be around the donkeys and the donkeys liked us, we were able to groom them and clean their hooves. We were even allowed to place a harness on them and walked around the parade ring. We are looking forward to going again very soon.


This week Owen Jackson received the most points and everyone received  Star of the Week for being really respectful and showing great courage whilst at the Donkey Sanctuary.