Class 1 - WC 03/07/17

“Dear Ms Roe,” was the opening line for the students assessed writing this week as they wrote a letter that would hopefully persuade Ms Roe that Class 1 could go to Lightwater Valley if we were the Enterprise winners. The standard of their writing was very good, when they had finished and double checked their work they were allowed to present their case to Ms Roe. It was very exciting as they waited to see if their hard work had paid off.
“YAY!” Class 1 exclaimed when they heard that they had won the Enterprise Challenge. As their prize Class 1 chose to go to Lightwater Valley , a fun day was had by all. Some of the students went on rides they never thought they would!
In Maths this week we looked at problem solving, the students really enjoyed the challenges, one involved them having to do all 4 Maths operations, it had us all stumped, but only very briefly.
Congratulations to Kayden who received the most point’s certificate.