Class 1 - WC 05/06/17

We had a little peek at Curriculum Vitaes in English this week. The students took time to write their own and really enjoyed writing them. They have said they are looking forward to using their CV’s in the future!


“A minus and a minus equals a positive”  is a common phrase in Class 1 this week as we looked at negative numbers and their properties.

We have found out that:

Negative number - Positive = Negative number: (- 5) - 3 = -5 + (-3) = -8
Positive number - Negative number = Positive number + Positive number = Positive number: 5 - (-3) = 5 + 3 = 8
Negative number - Negative number = Negative number + Positive number =  Change double negatives to a positive.

How clever are we!


This week saw the return of the cheesecake stall! All the staff at Ellar Carr enjoy the cheesecake but not as much as Class 1 enjoys watching their enterprise money increase.


Congratulations to Tyler who received the most point’s certificate.


Well done to Tyler who stayed focused, ignored negative behaviour and received the student of the week certificate.