Class 1 - WC 06/11/17

This week in Maths we looked at vectors. “Calculate the distance if the speed = 30 mph and time = 3 hours” This was one of the questions the students in Class 1 were faced with this week when we looked at calculating distance, speed and time.
In Citizenship this week we watched Dragon's Den to see how the entrepreneurs pitched their ideas to the 'Dragons'. We looked at the features of both the successful candidates and the unsuccessful ones and compiled a checklist. Class 1 are looking forward to pitching their own ideas to Ms Roe next week.
We went to the cinema as a reward for good behaviour and part of the into film festival. “My favourite bit was where the sea parted and Moana put the heart in Tefiti” This is what Sarah said when we got back from the cinema on Thursday after watching Moana; the film was enjoyed by all!
Congratulations to Aaron B who received the most point’s certificate.
Well done to Adam who had an excellent week, supported Yr 1 students with reading at the local primary school and received the student of the week certificate.