Class 1 - WC 08/05/17

What is one of the oldest, and most commonly used openers? Yes, you’ve guessed it - Once up on a time... what better way to re-introduce narratives. We used this opener this week as we focused on writing narratives for our assessed writing. All the hard work appears to be working as there have been some amazing stories.
3(a+2)=3a+6 was a question some of the students in Class 1 were presented with this week as we looked into the fabulous world of algebra! It was received with anticipation but all the students are looking forward to completing more algebra next week.
"I can’t wait to do 3 hours of PE" is what one student said when the transition leader came into Class 1 to discuss KS4 at Ellar, Ms Zeb will be completing a series of short, informative sessions over the next few weeks to explain the KS4 curriculum and the high expectations. Class 1 are really looking forward to continuing their education with us here at Ellar Carr.
Congratulations to Tyler who received the most points certificate.