Class 1 - WC 16/10/17

We have had a very interesting scientific investigation using magnets this week. “The door hinge will attract the magnet” was the most common phrase. They tested their theory and were correct as the door hinge was made out of metal, however they were shocked when they thought the door handle would attract the magnet as that is metal too. The magnet did not attach to the metal door handle, can you think why?
In maths we looked at ratios and we really enjoyed the tricky ones where we had to convert the units so they were equal and then simplify them.
20cm:1m = 20cm:100cm = 1cm:5cm = 1:5
Congratulations to Adam who received the most point’s certificate.
Well done to Josh who stayed on task all week, followed instructions and received the student of the week certificate.
The staff in Class 1 hope you all have a fantastic week off!