Class 1 - WC 19/06/17

Timfoundtheparkfun! This was a sentence Class 1 was faced with this week when they looked at why punctuation and spaces are important in text. Canyouimaginewhat thedaywaslikeafterthat? Itendedupwithusallhavingagoatworkingoutthecorrectpunctuationneededinaselectionofsentencesneedlesstosayifeltunderpressure!

Fractions were the topic for Maths this week, we looked at adding, subtracting and dividing fractions. This was a challenge for Class 1 but they all really enjoyed it, understanding was made easier following my explanation of ‘the larger the number acting as denominator, the smaller parts you’re going to have – pizza and cake were my two examples.

Class 1 enjoyed the BBQ this week and are really looking forward to the next one, can’t say the same for the chef.

Congratulations to Kayden who received the most point’s certificate.