Class 1 - WC 28/11/16

In Class 1 this week’s English focus has been Shakespeare, We looked at how Shakespeare used words to create images, the students were adamant that it wasn’t possible. It was a pleasant surprise when they found out that what they had learned was imagery!

Maths looked at 2 and 3D shapes; the students had to calculate how many faces, edges and vertices their given shapes had.

The topic in Science this week was heart disease, the students worked in small groups to research symptoms, treatment and what we can do to reduce our chances of heart disease, low fat, and low cholesterol diets for us all from now on.

To finish the week Class 1 got into the Christmas spirit, we put up the tree whilst listening to Christmas music.

Congratulations to Tyler and Riegan on receiving their voucher for having a full green week.

Well done to Tyler who received the certificate for most points and Riegan who received the student of the week certificate for having a great attitude all week and completing all his work.