Class 2 - WC 03/07/17

In Class 2 this week we have had a mixed week.
In Maths we have had another look at tally and bar charts and once we have completed these we have then answer questions based on the graphs.
In English we have been looking at how to write better paragraphs. We have looked at how we can make our paragraphs longer and better and made sure that we have included all the full stops and capital letters.
In Science we mapped out where the most dangerous volcanoes in the world were and what had happened in the past when they had erupted.
We looked at food waste this week, we looked at how much food is wasted and what the main reasons were for this. We then made a table to collect information about how much food we waste at home and school and what we can do to make sure this isn't wasted in the future.
We are looking forward to our last week together next week before we moved in to transition week for the final week.