Class 2 - WC 05/06/17

Class 2 have had a really positive week back after the holidays.
In English we started to look at CV writing and how important it is to complete these well to attract employees. It was a little difficult as the pupils don't have much in terms of education and work experience due to their age, but they produced some really great personal statements.
In Maths we have been working with negative numbers which has proved quite difficult for some. We learnt the basic rules and produced some great work towards the end of the week.
In Science we are learning about the Earth, in particular we are looking at volcanoes. Next week we are going to start building volcanoes in class and will put the pictures on here when they are complete.
Humanities was great, we looked at climate change and how this is affecting us. We looked particularly at Bangladesh as this is an extremely low lying country that could be devastated by global warming. We studied a little girl called Shumona who hadn't been able to attend school due to the constant flooding where she lives in Bangladesh.
We are looking forward to another great week!