Class 2 - WC 19/06/2017

This week has been really great in Class 2.
We have worked really hard on producing good sentences in English and have a good understanding of simple, complex and compound sentences. They pupils then moved on to using their new knowledge in their POWs. This week the POWs were outstanding and we had some really interesting and gripping stories that we showed to Miss Roe as they were THAT good!
Maths has been a struggle this week as we have been learning formal written methods in multiplication and division. Class 2 have really persevered to understand how to do this and their determination has paid off. Well done Class 2.
Science has been a lot of fun this week, we have painted our volcanoes so they are ready to erupt and we are looking forward to doing that next week. We also did the Mentos and Coke experiment to see what a volcanic eruption might look like up close.
In RE we learnt about Ramadan and why this is important to Muslims. We looked at what happens during Ramadan and then looked at a normal day for a fasting Muslim girl called Farhana. We discussed how Farhana would feel at different points throughout her school day whilst fasting and how this might affect her.
Next week we hope to make our volcanoes erupt and will be videoing this so look out for next weeks blog!
Have a fabulous weekend from everyone in Class 2!