Class 2 - WC 22/05/17

Class 2 have had a great last week of term with their new teacher Mrs Clifford.
In English this week we have had some amazing POW's, we used the skills that we learnt throughout the week in our story and this has shown a great improvement. The class are now using metaphors and similes more regularly and are starting to use a wider vocabulary in their stories.
Maths was great this week as we were looking at place value and decimals. Some of the class struggled at first but by the end of the week they were all working so well and had a much better understanding of what each digit means when using decimals.
In Science we finished our topic of the term off by looking at how we classify something as living. Ask Class 2 pupils about Mrs Gren and see what they can remember!
In History we looked at the main events of the English Civil War and put this in to a timeline. We all decided that this wasn't the most exciting point in history. We are all very excited to learn about climate change next term as this is very important to Mrs Clifford. 
Class 2 will be back after the holidays and ready to finish the school year off with some great science experiments and preparing for Year 10!