Class 2 - WC 26/06/17

Well Class 2 have finally finished making our amazing volcanoes and it was time to see them erupt!
The photos below don't really do our experiment any justice as they looked so great when they erupted. We will upload the videos properly when Mrs Clifford figures out how to tilt them the correct way up but for now you will just have to tilt your heads!
To make our volcanoes erupt we added a good few spoonfuls of bicarbonate of soda into our bottles inside the volcanoes using a funnel. Then we added some red and yellow food colouring to our jug of vinegar and carefully poured it into the bottle. The vinegar and bicarbonate of soda then reacted and the 'lava' bubbled up and out of the volcanoes. I'm sure you will agree they look really realistic and we were very impressed with the result.
We had some fantastic POWs this week in English. Jordan and Brandon are producing some really consistently great work and it is a pleasure to read their stories.
In Maths we've had an interesting week with problems solving and word problems. This is something that all students continue to struggle with through school but they tried really hard and I was proud of everyone's effort.
Well done Class 2, another sterling week!