Class 2 WB16.01.17

This week, in English, class 2 have been learning about the difference between Gothic and Horror Literature, they have had to look at the themes, settings and descriptions, as well as the main characters.  They read an extract from Dracula and also watched a clip of the Woman in Black.  They then had to produce a piece of descriptive writing, either Gothic or Horror, using the picture that was given to them.  
In maths they have been learning how to construct a triangle using a ruler and a protractor.  They also had to make sure the measurements were correct as well as the angles, they also completed an Entry Level paper.
In Science, they have learnt that the Earth rotates around the Sun and they also learnt the Planets rhyme to remind them of the order of the planets, My Very Excited Mother Just Served Us Noodles!
In Art they have looked at bold colours.  The bolder the colour, the more effective and eye catching their art work will be.
Class 2 also joined Classes 3,4 and 8 to a trip to the Pantomime to see Peter Pan, we all laughed from start to finish!!