Class 3 - WC 01/01/18

Class 3 had a short and sweet first week back for the New Year.
The best part of the week was visiting the Leeds City Museum to see the Skeletons exhibit before it leaves the museum on Sunday.
We looked around the rest of the museum first which was full of interesting facts about animals, Leeds, Romans, Egyptians and Ancient Greece. 
The mummy that is 3000 years old was of particular interest to the class. Due to modern technology, not only could we see the mummy laid out as he was left 3000 years ago, but we also knew what he looked like when he was alive due to 3D imaging. he children asked the lovely guide Mr Hutton lots of questions and Mr Hutton used a special torch to highlight certain parts of the mummy.
The Skeletons exhibit was amazing. We were able to view around 20 skeletons ranging from around 2000 years ago to just 200 years ago. Some of the people had died from age related problems, whereas the more interesting skeletons showed gruesome injuries that led to their death. The most exciting skeleton was of a Roman soldier who had suffered horrific injuries, included a cracked skull and broken bones, and still managed to survive.
When we returned back to school we wrote letters to thank Mr Hutton, the guide, for sharing all of the exciting information with the class.
Happy New Year from Class 3.