Class 3 - WC 05/03/18

This week in Class 3 we made baked French potatoes in our cooking class and they were absolutely delicious. The whole class did really well to make this wonderful dish.
In Maths we have been looking at simple multiplication as some of the students were still struggling to do this in the formal written method. The class got the hang of it and will hopefully remember this and use it in their exams.
In English we were looking at reading comprehension and how important it is to actually answer a question with examples from the text.
In Health and Social Care we played Monopoly but with the added problem of being deaf. The students had to play the game without talking and using sign language or miming out things such as the Community Chest and Chance cards. This proved particularly exhausting for Jack trying to act out 'hospital fees' but was very amusing for the rest of us. We were highlighting that people who are deaf have to play games differently.
We are looking forward to baking scones next week and learning all about Romeo and Juliet.