Class 3 - WC 09/10/2017

We have had another wonderful week in Class 3.
In Maths this week we have been learning about equivalent fractions. Fractions always send the class in to a mad panic but they kept their cool and produced some fantastic work.
In English we have been learning about how and why writer's choose what to include in their work. The children looked at 3 pieces of text which were all about the same event but told very different stories. The class had to decide why the writer had chosen to take out or add in extra information.
In cooking this week we made the best biscuit ever baked - Lemon Butter Biscuits. We ate far too many!
We visited Regency Court again this week and played Bingo with the residents. It was the first time Mrs Clifford had ever played Bingo and she got rather excited about it, especially when the resident she was with won!! HOUSE!!! All the children, especially Jack and Brandon, behaved impeccably and made us all very proud.
Have a great weekend from all in Class 3!