Class 3 - WC 16/10/17

It's finally arrived. The last week of term.
The children have worked really hard in Class 3 this term. Starting GCSEs has proven tough and they have really had to step up with their attitude and effort to keep up.
English has been very helpful this term and we have seen an improvement in student's written work. POW has definitely been improved by work in as a class every other week to see how we can improve our ideas and stories.
In Maths this week we have worked hard on understanding coordinates, by both plotting in  all four quadrants and also answer questions based on coordinates. Next term we are moving on to learning more about decimals.
We had a lovely trip to the park this week and although the weather was a little chilly we had a wonderful time in the great outdoors.
We had our usual Thursday visit to Regency Court. The pupils and staff are feeling really comfortable there now, we know a lot of the residents and we are beginning to understand dementia and it's effects. We thoroughly enjoyed our game of bingo this week and we are looking forward to continuing our work with the residents next term.
Have a fabulous half term break from all in Class 3.