Class 3 - WC 19/02/18

Class 3 had a great time this week. 
In our Health and Social Care lessons we have been learning about how people with disabilities are not always able to do certain things as easily as able bodied people. We decided to use a wheelchair to get around school instead of being able to walk. The first issue was in the central area where instead of being able to use the stairs, we had to manoeuvre the wheelchair up and down the ramps that went all the way around the area.
We had a few issues to deal with, especially going downhill and being able to steer and stop yourself all at the same time. This activity highlighted some of the issues that wheelchair users face in everyday life.
In English we have been looking at how to get information out of texts by scanning and skim reading. This is quite a tricky skill but most of the students were able to do this by the end of the week. This allowed the children to be able to quickly find relevant information required to answer questions about a text.