Class 3 - WC 26/03/2018

We had a great last week of term in Class 3.
We have been learning a lot about what it is like to live with a disability and we have tried spending time in a wheel chair which proved very difficult, and then we tried to play again without talking.
We decided to have a game of Monopoly but made this a lot trickier than usual by making it a silent game. The children had to use the sign language we have been learning to try and explain what they needed, and if they couldn't do that, for example on a Chance card, they had to try and act it out. This proved exhausting, especially for Jack trying trying to act out 'hospital fees'.
The children really enjoyed this and had a much better understanding of living with certain disabilities.
Class 3 are looking forward to a well earned break and coming back for the last term and proving how great we are!