Class 3 - WC 26/06/17

It has been a very positive week in Class 3!

In English we have been looking at persuasive writing and the focus has been specifically on adverts. The class enjoyed looking at car adverts and went on to identify the different language techniques to tempt people into purchasing “new wheels”, as Luke put it! They then had to write their own piece of persuasive writing to convince people to buy a car that they had chosen.

In Maths we have focussed on two different types of averages, mode and mean. We discovered that the mode is the number that occurs most often and that the range is the difference between the smallest and largest number.

The whole school got together one last time to say goodbye to the Year 11s for their leavers’ assembly on Thursday. Sadly due to the poor weather the bbq was brought indoors, however this clearly did not affect the standard of burgers and hot dogs as Josh went back for seconds (and thirds!)

A big well done to Josh, Luke and Mckenzie this week for trying really hard with their behaviour and making a big effort to complete all the work provided. Congratulations to Josh and Luke who were awarded joint student of the week and again to Josh for gaining most points!