Class 3 - WC 29/01/18

Class 3 had a wonderful and varied week.
On Tuesday we visited Leeds Arts University to take part in a ceramics workshop. We spent the day learning about what it would be like to attend university. 
We started off by working the clay in to a ball and then rolling it out in to a flat circular shape. We then used a huge variety of different tools and objects to make impressions in the clay. We then made a barrier around the clay and poured in the plaster.
Class 3 were then taken on a tour around the University and had a lovely lunch.
After lunch we went back to our ceramics workshop and the plaster had dried so we were able to take the plaster and clay apart so that we were left with a beautiful plaque.
We were very thankful to Leeds Arts University and the staff that spent the day with us and taught us both new skills and what it's like to be at university.