Class 4 - WC 13/02/17

Students have been focusing on angles this week in maths. We recapped on the different angles before looking at angles around a point. After half term we are moving on to looking at angles at intersecting lines.
To end the pirate theme students wrote their own pirate story, however there was twist. Students were given a story board and a dice, each new paragraph pupils rolled the dice. The number rolled would be used to pick either  characters, words, setting or props from the story board which they had to try and include in their paragraph.
This week class 4 took part a fitness circuit which was excellently run by students from class 5. There were a number of different exercise and results were recorded. At the end of the session results were counted up and prizes were given out to the winners. Class 4 enjoyed it and are excited to take part in the next one!
Awards this week were given to Aaron, most points, and Adam, student of the week.