Class 4 - WC 14/11/16

Class 4 start there week with a school trip! As part of movie festival we went to see Zootropolis. The class had a fantastic day, they all loved the movie and behaviour was perfect. The movie linked into a geography lessons, looking at different environments, climates and ecosystems, as Zootropolis showed a wide variation of these.

This week in school we had a two day Ofsted inspection. Pupils were extremely mature doing these days; behaviour was fantastic and pupils, when question or spoke to by an inspector gave great feedback.

Maths this week we looked at multiple, factors and prime numbers. Pupils worked very hard and engaged in lessons which allowed them to produce brilliant work. Prime numbers brought a challenge to pupils, however they worked hard to understand and overcame any misunderstand.

Student of the week was David, for his excellent attitude to work and learning. Travis had a golden week! He picked up the most point certificates. Well done boys keep it up!