Class 4 - WC 26/06/17

Class 4 have had another great week! We have looked at averages this week in maths, students have learnt how to find the mode, range and medium of a set of data. 7
Carrying on with Ancient Greek theme in class 4, this week, student have been looking at Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. Students each picked a God or Goddesses to research and create a fact file on, the information was placed around a coloured picture of the God or Goddesses. 
This week in cooking students made a tomato pasta. They chopped onions and garlic and browned them off in a pan, next they added tinned tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of sugar. Students had a choice of a few extra herbs and spices to make it extra tasty! Once this was all mixed in the poured it over their pasta.