Class 4 - WC 28/11/16

Interviews have been the subject of focus in English this week for class 4. We first looked at when and why an interview would be used. Pupils then developed their own questions which they would use to interview another student in class. Once pupils had an interesting set of questions they all conducted their interviews, all the pupils enjoyed being able to join in with acting during the interviews. The final stage was to write up their interview transcripts.

In science pupils were carrying looking at plants, how they grow and what they need to grow. The class all took part in an experiment. The aim of this experiment was to see how plants with grow in different conditions. Each pupil either starved their plant from carbon dioxide, water or light. Pupils then left them to grow and next week we would compare each plant.

Class 4 all cooked a set of scrummy onion bhajis. Pupils did extremely well; they all listened and followed instructions even though all our eyes with stringing from the onions!

David this week only picked up student of the week but he also revived the most points certificate! Well done David keep up the fanatic work.