Class 5 - 05.12.16

This week in Class 5 the students have had another busy week. As a reward for their behaviour for the term Class 5 went to Leeds German Market and to Red Hot Buffet. The trip started out with the class walking to the train station to get the train into Leeds. This was a new experience for some of the students. They enjoyed using public transport and were excited about visiting Leeds.

In English this week, Class 5 have looked at formal and informal language. They wrote a covering letter for an application form to a high standard.

In Maths, Class 5 have been working on Area and Perimeter. They enjoyed this immensely. For P.E the focus has been on their Btec booklets and team sports.

Food Tech has been another delicious dessert week. The students made Jam Roly Poly. Although technically difficult the students rose to the challenge with Travis reigning victorious with the best Jam Roly Poly.