Class 5 - Wc 9.01.16

This week class 5 are pushing themselves to the limit in all areas of work.

In English they have been looking at formal letter writing. Class 5 decided to write letters to persuade the council to provide Ellar Carr the funding to create a fitness centre in the school. Leah and Travis excelled in this and their letters are being forwarded to the relevant people.

In Maths, Class 5 has been focussing on money and percentages. As the week progressed the students grew in confidence with their work. They also looked at value for money and profit and loss.

In BTEC Food, class 5 have to find and cook a starter which was healthy and value for money. They chose to cook chicken bites, each creating their own recipe from the basic recipe. All of the students made the starter, but the competition was between Callum and Leah. Callum came out victorious voted by other students and staff.

In BTEC PE the Iron Man Challenge has commenced. All students have created their own fitness programme and have chosen exercises to compete against each other in class. Up first was the sit up challenge. Each student was given a minute to do as many sit ups as possible. The overall winner was Callum West. Second was the seated wall squat. Lewis Tiffany had a good go, getting 4 minutes 20 seconds on his first attempt. After stepping up to the challenge on his third attempt Callum West took the man of steel trophy and got 15 minutes and one second!

A brilliant week with some fantastic work produced, well done Class 5!