class 6 - WC 05/06/17

Welcome back to a new term. We made oat cookies this week and they were gorgeous. Cameron was able to follow the recipe and produced one large cookie which he sliced into squares. Cameron received Star Baker this week.

This week we have been investigating different ways to record and interpret data in maths. We started by looking at simple bar graphs and frequency tables before moving onto dual bar graphs. Luke and Cameron worked really well and completed some excellent work. Next week we will move onto pictograms and pie charts.

Our class book this term is George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. We are already gripped by George’s mischievous antics. We have started to design our own alternative front covers for the book. We are all wondering what will happen to Grandma when she takes the ‘medicine.’

In science this term we will be looking at and growing plants. We have already looked at the different external parts of a plant and investigated the job each part does. We will be making observations on how plants grow in different conditions and we will be dissecting a plant to observe the interior parts under a microscope.  

Class 6 has obtained the remote control cars. Cameron and Owen learnt how to programme the cars so they went a given distance, tuned 180° and returned to the same spot. After a few wrong turns they both understood how the make simple manoeuvres.

Cameron has earned the most points this week. Luke earned the ‘Student of the week’ award after he changed he behaviour around after a difficult start to the week