Class 6 - WC 05/12/16

Class 6 have been looking at A Christmas Carol this week in English. We have drawn a picture of a ghost and used adjectives and adverbs to effectively describe different aspects of the ghost. We looked at what would do, how it would move, how it would speak, and most importantly how it would look. The class chose mainly scary, evil ghosts but we did have one pupil who chose a friendly ghost. The children will use this work to write their own version of a ghostly story.

In Maths we worked on converting fractions in to percentages. The children could all complete this activity and we discussed where this would be useful in real life situations.

Our Art lesson this week produced some fantastic pictures. We decided to create a Christmas themed picture I the style of Matisse. We had lots of different coloured pieces of paper and we used these to make a Christmas scene collage.

In Science we had a great lesson on friction. We made 4 parachutes out of paper, each 5cm larger than the first and then dropped these from the same height. We were trying to discover whether the size of the parachute had any effect on the time it took to reach the ground. We learnt that the larger the parachute, the more air resistance was created, so the parachute took longer to reach the ground.