Class 6 - WC 08.05.17


Chocolate Brownies were on the menu this week and they were gorgeous. Cameron was able to follow the recipe and produce the most delicious Brownies.   Owen is quickly developing his baking skills; he now needs to improve on his washing up! Cameron received Star Baker this week.


This week we have been investigating Translation and Enlargement in maths. We started by changing the position of shapes before moving on the changing the size of a shape by a given scale factor. We moved on to more complexed shapes that were really tricky but we all managed to use a scale factor successfully.


This week in English this term we have been looking at William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Reading Shakespeare can be a little daunting at first but I’m really proud of the mature attitude shown by Class 6 in tackling The Tempest. Cameron and Joshua have read the parts of Prospero, Caliban and Ferdinand with Miss Newsome reading Miranda. Our understanding of the play is increasing every day.


In science we have been looking at Animals, including Humans. We have already focused on nutrition and how different vitamins and minerals keep us healthy. This week we investigated skeletons and how the human skeleton differs from other animals. We built up a human skeleton, although a few bones ended upside down, and learnt the scientific names of some of the bones.


Cameron has earned most points this week. Joshua has earned the ‘Student of the week’ award for really making positive changes to his behaviour and trying to help other pupils make the same changes.