Class 6 - wc 16/01/17

Who thought home-made Keema Curry would taste so nice? Although frying the spices made us all cough a little and the onions made our eyes water the end product was amazing. Mckenzie made the nicest looking curry but Aaron’s tasted really good. Star baker therefore went to Aaron.


In maths we have been looking at money around the world. We looked at different currencies and learnt how to convert currencies using the exchange rate. We also compared prices using Unit Pricing. This was calculated by finding the price of 1 item or unit before buying multiple items. As a class we looked at ‘Best Value’ and compared prices of the same item but in different quantities to calculate which offer was more value for money. Cameron thought this would be good for saving money on shopping bills.


We finished ‘A Murder of Crows’ and were quite surprised by the ending. We expected Luke to be nice at the end but he made Ben do something awful and was really unkind to him. ‘Crows Law’ ruffled a few feathers end the end.


A trip the pantomime was the highlight of the week. Most of us have been making pantomime jokes and remarks since Monday so by Wednesday the excitement in class was high. I’m very proud of Class 6 on their behaviour and the respect their showed to other theatre goers. For some it was their first time at a pantomime but they soon began shouting, hissing and booing in the correct places.



Cameron earned the most points again this week and Mckenzie achieved the ‘Student of the week’ award for working really well in maths and for showing respect to other pupils.