Class 6 - WC 19/09/16

In Science we have been looking have looked at the inside of plugs. We discovered that the wires inside were different colours.  The brown went to the right and the blue to the left.  Satchin, Kieran and Imani all managed to rewire the plug correctly.


In English we have been changing statements into questions and questions into statements.   We are all enjoying the adventures of Flat Stanley.


In PE, Class 5 and 6 we used the hula hoops and skipping ropes to warm up. Satchin and Danny were fantastic with the hula hoops although the skipping ropes were more of a challenge.  We went on to play Bocca, a game played in the Paralympics.  The more ends we played the more accurate we became.


Kieran earned both the most points this week and ‘Student of the week.’