Class 6 - WC 20/03/17

So ‘Toad in the Hole’ does not contain a toad! Who’d have thought it?   After agreeing that we would not be using toads, Class 6 were happy to go cooking. Demie Lea decided to use a whisk instead of a fork to mix her batter and resulted in huge fluffy Yorkshire puddings which tasted amazing. Cameron received star baker this week.

This week we have been investigating area in maths. We started by counting squares and creating a multiplication sentence to find the area. We moved on to more complexed shapes that were really tricky but managed to calculate the area in the end.

This week in English we continued to investigate natural disasters. We looked how earthquakes occur and the devastating consequences that an earthquake can be. We looked at how tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquake. We watched a video of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami and thought how scary it must have been.

We had the opportunity to go gardening this week. A short journey to Rockwell Community Centre and we were collecting eggs, feeding the chickens, planting potatoes and planting sunflower seeds. Although it was extremely wet most of us really enjoyed it and hopefully will be able to go again.

Cameron has returned back into class 6 and earned most points. Demie Lea has earned the ‘Student of the week’ award for really good start to the week and making excellent choices at gardening.