Class 6 - wc 28/11/16

Unfortunately this week Class 6 has been a bit thin on the ground due to various illnesses going around at the moment. We hope next week we are all fighting fit.


In Science we investigated water resistance. We discovered that if you move something through water it goes slower. This is call water resistance. We tested how different shapes moved through water and discovered that the fastest shape had the least resistance. This was fun if not a little wet!


In PE, we are continuing with our Badminton and Basketball skills. Mckenzie showed us that with a little concentration our accuracy improved too.

We were lucky enough to have a birthday this week. Josh turned 12 so we were able to watch funny outtakes while eating birthday cake.


Josh earned both the most points this week and the ‘Student of the week’ for completing all his work and for making positive choices regarding his behaviour