Class 6 - wc 30/01/17

I love shortbread so I was more than happy to demonstrate making valentine biscuits this week. We are all excellent at making dough now so most pupils were able to follow the recipe quite easily. Although combining into a smooth paste took some doing.   Joshua made some excellent tasting heart biscuits which he later decorated with icing. He gained our star baker this week.


In maths everyone has been working really hard as we having been looking at different areas of the curriculum so see if we can discover our strongest area in maths and the areas we need to work on.


This week in English we have been looking at newspaper reports. We looked at the different features within stories and how they often follow the same pattern. We wrote our own news report based on the goings on in the ‘Murder of Crows.’


In art we have been looking at ‘urban lettering.’ The pupils have really enjoyed locating different letters made from everyday items. We printed out some letters to create our own photo frames. They look amazing and the pupils have had lots of positive feedback from around school. Class 6 has decided to use the frames as part of our Enterprise scheme and will be making and selling them in school.


Cameron earned the ‘Student of the week’ award ignoring silly comments in class and for always trying his best at everything he does.  He also earned the most points this week. Well done Cameron for such a positive week.