Class 6 WC 09/01/17

In Maths we have been studying ratio. We have learnt how to simplify ratios and how to find amounts using ratios. Although this was tricky at first we all managed to get it in the end.


In English we have started a new class book, ‘A Murder of Crows.’ Everyone seems to be enjoying it so far. We have designed our own front covers for the book and next week we will be looking at collective nouns.


In Science this half term we are looking at States of Matter.   We have looked at the differences between solids, liquids and gases, classifying objects and identifying their properties. This week we worked together to investigate the weight of gas. We weighed bottles of fizzy drinks and then shook the bottle until the drink was flat. We then weighed the drink again.


In PE, we are beginning to play mini tennis. Putting up the nets was the first challenge. We have learnt the forehand and backhand shots and played mini games. Demie Lea won all her games this week.


Mckenzie earned the most points this week and Demie Lea the ‘Student of the week’ for completing most of her work and for making positive choices regarding her behaviour.