Class 6 wc 16.10.17

Another end to another term! It seems to have gone so quickly with lots of things happening in the classroom. We have been out for coffee, visited the Donkey Sanctuary twice and walked around St Ives in Bingley.


This week we have been continuing with division using the bus stop method. We found them quite difficult at first but we improved each day. We even moved on to word problems which were a bit tricky at first but we quickly understood what we needed to do.

In English we have been focusing on ‘there’ ‘their’ and ‘they’re’. We have also been looking at conjunctions and how we can use them to join sentences together to make our writing a lot more interesting.


In Food Technology we cooked stir fry. Owen M received Star Baker with his very tasty and spicy dish. We sliced different vegetables in different ways so that everything cooked through properly.


We had our second visit to the Donkey Sanctuary where we again groomed and cleaned the donkeys before placing a lead rope on them so we were able to walk them around the paddocks outside. Jack wanted to eat the grass but Owen J was able to take control and push him in the right direction. Alfie also wanted to wait a while before going through the gate but Luke took control and was able to get him to follow the others. We returned to the parade ring and cleaned the hooves again to check that there were no stones inside to make their feet sore.


This week Owen Jackson received the most points and Star of the Week for trying really hard on both his work and his behaviour.