class 6 wc 18/09/17

In maths we have been looking at solving multiplication problems using the column method. We have found it quite challenging to grasp the new method so we will continue with it next week.  


In English we are continuing with our writing skills by looking at sentence types such as questions, commands and statements. We read the story of Flat Stanley at the museum and found different types of sentences in the text.


This week the whole school have been designing and making art work to display in our dining room. We used the American flag as our background and painted on a cappuccino and a Route 66 sign. We have all enjoyed painting it and allowed Miss Newsome to tidy end the edges. We also painted a small canvas to practice painting on a canvas.


This week Owen Jackson received the most points and Owen Murphy received Star of the Week for excellent behaviour in class and trying hard all week with his work.