Class 6 WC 27/02/17

As it was Pancake Day we made the most delicious pancakes in cooking. Demie showed the class how to make a perfect batter. We all tried our hand at tossing our pancakes. Ariz was a little nervous at first but once he realised what to do he tossed every pancake numerous times. Nutella seemed to be the favourite topping with lemon juice a close second. Demie received star baker this week but Ariz and Lewis were a very close second.

In maths we have been solving addition and subtraction problems. We knew that the internal angles of a triangle added up to 180° and used our knowledge of this to calculate missing angles. Next week we will begin to look at angles of quadrilaterals.

This week in English we are looking at natural disasters. We looked at the different layers of the Earth and thought about the impact this could have on the Earth’s crust.


We have decided to think about our fitness levels in PE. We created a circuit training programme to repeat for the next five weeks. It involved shuttle runs, press ups, step ups, speed bounce and sit ups.   We have recorded our scores for each event and we will compare them to the results in week 5. Watch this space to see if we improve.

We welcomed Lewis in to Class 6 this week. Ariz earned the ‘Student of the week’ award for trying really hard in all his lessons and not giving in to temptation to join in negative behaviour.