Class 7 - WC 02/01/17

A very Happy New Year from Class 7!
This week we have been getting back in to the swing of things.
We have been learning about homophones in English and have read through texts and noticed that although it sounds good when we read it out, a lot of the words were spelled incorrectly. We went through the text and changed the words, some of these were knight and night, sea and sea, and also too and two.
In Maths we have been looking at ratio and proportion and also how to simplify ratios. This was quite new to the class but they battled through and began to understand the new concept.
In Humanities we have started to learn about The Black Death. We were shocked by the number of people that were affected in our country and felt a little ill when learning about the symptoms. We were interested in how and why people thought it was spread.
To round off the week we took a trip to the local park and church yard. We looked at the graves and worked out how old people were when they passed away, and how long ago they died. To celebrate a great day we took a photo of our shadows to remember it.
We are looking forward to learning about mountains and volcanoes next week, and a further installment of how gross The Plague was!