Class 7 - WC 03/10/16

In Science we have been looking at how our digestive system works. We watched how food travelled through our bodies in different stages.  We then tried to make poo by simulating the digestive system using a pair of tights.  We made a packed lunch of jam sandwiches, yoghurt, crisps and juice and then placed it all into the tights.  By squeezing the food along the tights we could see how the food changed as it moved along.  The end result was fascinating.  Euanne and Satchin were amazed at how quickly the food became ‘poo.’


In PE, Class 6 and 7 we again used the ball with a bell inside. We played Goalball which is played by the visually impaired.  The aim is to roll or throw the ball in the opposite net.  Kieran and Imani became quite skilled at listening to the bell and retrieving the ball.


In cooking we made macaroni cheese. Our technical challenge was to make a roux which Danny passed with flying colours.  He even advised Satchin how to make it.


Euanne earned both the most points this week and ‘Student of the week.’