Class 7 - WC 05/12/16

This week in maths we have looked at converting fractions in to decimals and percentages. We used a calculator at first to understand the method and then had a go ourselves.

In English this week we watched the short video of The Ghosts of Pere Lachaise. This shows a young girl running through the famous Pere Lachaise Cemetery in France at night. She looks at all the different graves and headstone before finally hearing Chopin’s music drifting through the cemetery. She comes across the dead musician playing some of his famous songs and receives a music lesson from him. The children in class spent the week researching famous people in the cemetery, and then writing about their own encounter with one of them at Pere Lachaise cemetery.

In Design and Technology the class worked hard to study the different varieties of bridges, and spoke about why certain styles and materials were used. We discussed the purpose of each of the bridges, and then started to design our own bridge that would be required to cross a deep crevice in a valley.

We are looking forward to having fun with some Christmas activities at the end of next week.