Class 7 - WC 12/09/16

Class 7 have had a great week learning some new English skills using the book Flat Stanley. We have looked at the different types of sentences and how they are punctuated. We worked on changing our sentences from being questions in to statements and vice versa.


In Maths we have been learning how to use the column methods for addition and subtraction and at the end of the week we have completed word problems to show our understanding. We also completed some work using data from the Paralympics to create graphs and order times.


In Science we looked at the results of our egg experiment and recorded our results, we were surprised to find out that fresh orange juice was worse than any of the other 4 liquids that we tested.


In RE we looked at the different stories of creation from different religions. We specifically looked at the Egyptians and Mayans as they were slightly different to the more famous religions. The children then had to write their own version of a creation story, and write about how they would start the earth if they were God. There were some really great creation stories that came out of our lesson.