Class 7 - WC 26/09/16

This week in English we have been looking at ways to make our sentences better. We looked at different ways to start our sentences, by using more interesting words and phrases. We looked at the different ways we can join sentences together, and how we can fix them if they get too long.
Maths was great this week with starting to look at multiplication, and multiplying by 10 and 100. We had a go at solving some puzzles which we found really tricky as we had to persevere at it to get it right.
The Battle of Hastings was our topic of the week for History. We looked at the many reasons why William defeated Harold in battle, and discussed how significant they were to winning the Battle of Hastings.
Our French lesson helped us to talk about our families in French. In particular, looking at our brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents. We learned how to introduce The Simpson family, as if we were Lisa Simpson.
RE involved looking at the cause and effect theory. We looked at the different theories surround the 'big bang' and what actually caused this to happen, including debating whether this was God or nature.
We cooked up a storm in Food Technology this week with a beautiful main course of meatball wraps, and we also made some amazing chocolate buns and decided that this week, Euanne was the star baker!
Due to the recent Paralympics, we once again attempted a sport as if we had some of the same disabilities as the fantastic athletes. We attempted a game of  volley ball, but the twist was that we had to sit down, and could not move our legs. This was really quite frustrating and was a real challenge for the class.
We are looking forward to lots of learning next week.