Class 7 - WC 31/10/16

Due to teacher illness it has been a very quiet week in Class 7.
We did however get up to a few exciting things on Monday and Friday.
In Art we created some fantastic firework pictures by using oil pastel on black paper. We studied picture of the more common firework displays and attempted to recreate these. The picture were particularly effective with a black background.
In PSHE we discovered the tiny world of microbes. We had a great discussion about the different kinds of microbes before creating our own 'superbug'. We thought about the kid of disease the bug would create, what it could be called, and what the symptoms would be. We also wrote about how our superbugs would be transmitted. We then practiced washing our hands after learning the best practice way, and made sure our hands were super clean for lunch!
Class 7 are looking forward to recovering over the weekend and being fit for learning on Monday!