Class 8- WC 07/11/16

We had yet another change this week, with Kieran leaving us and moving to class 7. Callum, Viktor and Danny all continued in class 8 with the new addition of Mr Miah, joining Mr Webster and Ms Kirkbright.


The class have completed some excellent work in maths, looking at rounding numbers to the nearest whole, as well as rounding to one and two decimal places. Callum and Viktor also managed to complete a very tricky maths investigation.


In English, we looked at selecting key information from sentences and then forming our own paragraphs. We were given a topic, and then we had to write a topic sentence to introduce the paragraph as well as think of four details that we wanted to include in the paragraph. On Friday, Callum and Viktor completed their reading comprehension.


In French we looked at different colours; pupils were able to work out some of the colours without receiving any help. In cooking we made chocolate buns and used the cooking lesson to record short video clips and take pictures ready for our computing lessons. Congratulations to Viktor for achieving the most points in the week and to Callum for winning the ‘Student of the week’ award.