Class 8 - WC 01/05/17

We have continued with our Ancient Greek topic in English, focusing on the invention of democracy. We have been looking at the three systems of democracy that arose from Ancient Greece as well as the similarities and differences between Ancient Greek democracy and modern day democracy. We also had a discussion on whether prisoners and under 18's should be allowed to vote. In POW, as it was Star Wars Day, we had a lot of stories about space battles and missions to Mars.


In maths we have been looking at translating and enlarging shapes. The whole class produced some excellent work translating (moving) shapes across an axis or page. In science we tested the different properties of materials, and in cooking we made a variety of pizzas.


Congratulations to Imani who earned both the ‘most points’ award and the ‘student of the week’ award. She also earned a horse riding trip.