Class 8 - WC 02/01/17

Everyone was exciting to come back to school after the Christmas holidays...We started our new topic in English, looking at Pirates. We read Treasure Island and selected some key facts and information. We then recorded this information as complete sentences. We also created a treasure map, something that we will be using next week.


In maths we completed some excellent work on ratios. By the end of the week everyone could create a simple ratio, by comparing two amounts. Pupils could also simplify ratios and use them to answer mathematical questions.


In cooking we made some delicious biscuits, containing either coconut or rolled oats. In science we continued looking at plants; this time focusing on photosynthesis. We welcomed a new pupil, Robert, into class on Thursday and he did especially well, winning the ‘student of the week’ award. Congratulations to Cieran who won the ‘most points’ award.