Class 8 - WC 02/10/17

We’ve been looking at joining simple sentences using connectives this week. Pupils worked very hard to find the connective or conjunction that would best suit the two simple sentences. Pupils also had to create a sentence using a given connective or conjunction. We also created a shared piece of writing for our POW.


In maths we have been looking at multiplying double digit numbers by single digit numbers and then double digit numbers by other double digit numbers. We used the column method to complete these. We also played some games using dice, where pupils had to multiply the numbers together and then try to fill a grid with their colour.


In cooking we made different shaped shortbread biscuits. We had stars, hearts, cats, dogs and men! In science we looked at the three different types of skeleton; exoskeleton, endoskeleton and hydrostatic skeleton.  We also managed to take a class trip to the park due to some very good behaviour.


Congratulations to Imani, who won the ‘student of the week’ award and the ‘most points’ award, as well as earning a £5 voucher and a trip horse riding. Katie also earned a horse riding trip and Tyler was the first in class to receive a £5 voucher for collecting 20 reading stickers.